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The Pontiac Solstice A New American Dream

The new Pontiac Solstice from General Motors, seems destined to become a classic car of the future. With its clean racy lines, and 2.4 liter double overhead camshaft engine it looks set to join the elite ranks of the nations favorite roadsters.

The Pontiac follows the traditional sports cars design, with twin seats and a drop top, for those sunny days. But if you think that it’s just for posing at the beach, then think again. The Solstice Produces some serious brake horsepower at around 177 bhp compared to the Mazda Miatas 142 bhp, and has a good power to weight ratio. The power is delivered to the rear wheel drive through a 5 speed manual transmission (although there will be a 5 speed Hydra-Matic option), and the engine is very free revving with plenty of power on tap when you need it.

The drop top is well hidden behind a clamshell lid at the rear of the car and this maintains the sinuous curves that give it such great curb-appeal. With its cats-eye headlights and honeycombed grill the new Pontiac Solstice will turn heads wherever you go. The economy is not bad either giving around 20-28 mpg.

The 18-inch 5 spoke wheels make a striking statement and the rounded bodylines hide hydro-formed rails, which give the car a good solid base. Braking is supplied by 4 disk brakes, although there is ABS as an optional extra. It also comes with twin air bags and a strong roll bar, which may be useful, if you get too enthusiastic!

The driver’s compartment is ergonomically designed with great motorcycle style dials, bucket seats and well placed pedals for good, fast, heel and toe action. The optional leather trim comes with a great looking, steel and sand two-color enhancement that adds to the stylish sports roadster feel.

Handling is taught and responsive and should make driving on twisty country roads a pleasure, on a fine day. Its very much a fun drive with independent front and rear suspension, Bilstein Shock absorbers and rack and pinion steering keeping your feet on the ground, even if your head is in the clouds!

With a base price of around $20,000 the Pontiac Solstice is an affordable classic, that looks as though it could be one of General motors best selling sports cars and may be well placed to take on the popular Mazda Miata. Although you may be better to spend a few dollars more for one of the 3 upgrade packages to add a little more luxury. At these low prices and high performance the Pontiac Solstice is a tough act to follow.

Pontiac Solstice Coupe on the way?

According to Bob Lutz of GM it looks like it could be!  Here is how Mr. Lutz responded when asked about a Pontiac Solstice Coupe in the work:

That’s our thought. If we did it, it would look exactly like the Pontiac Solstice Coupe Concept Car that we had at the ’02 show. Remember it? The orange one.” “It was always our intention to kind of do that… we just had to manage the investment on the Solstice the first time around. Adding a coupe bodystyle would be a very logical thing to do. It would also make it very good for racing, where it’s doing well any way.”

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