Living A Double Life

Many of the people who work in the adult industry are living a double life. There is still a stigma about people who do adult work.

Therefore, adult entertainers often have to keep their work a secret. Such as escorts, prostitutes, strippers, exotic dancers and amateur porn stars. They live their normal personal lives, but literally lie about where they work. Often lying to family and friends about where they are going or who they are going to meet. Such double lives for adults can become extremely complicated. Little white lies can lead into big extravagant lies all because others just don’t understand this choice of work.  

There is always a concern, or fear, that they are going to be seen or recognised. Most men and women in the adult industry use an alias to hide their true identity. Some who work in the adult industry even wear wigs so that they will not be identified. Escorts in particular, who need to be advertised on a website with photographs, usually have their faces and tattoos blurred. Just in case someone they know, finds the website and can identify the escort. Then of course, friends are made at the adult work, but they cannot know your true existence. Imagine an escort friend turning up at your house. There would be some explaining to your partner as to why this girl is claiming she is your escort friend from the brothel!  

The reason adult entertainers lead a double life is because of the following combination. The financial income is often higher than a regular job, which is appealing. But the disapproving reaction from loved ones. If finances are low, or a second income is needed, there is no option but to have a dual personality. The real you and the secret worker. Neither personas can cross into the other life.  

The complications of living a double life can make people who work in the adult industry feel very lonely. If they have a close relationship, there isn’t the possibility of talking about a work problem. Or, if they have a close friend in the adult industry, there isn’t the possibility of talking about a personal problem. The headaches and stress that is caused by leading a double life can take its toll. It is important that if you are struggling to lead a personal life, that you find a person who you can confide in. This can be a professional who is completely unassociated with your personal life or work.