Makeup Advice for escorts

Escorts should always wear makeup for work. Even if a female companion is beautiful facially, she should still apply some cosmetics.

It simply shows that she has made an effort in her appearance. Not to mention, every girl looks better with some lip gloss to plump the lips and mascara to accentuate the eyes. Makeup can make an escort appear younger or cover any blemishes. It can be a camouflage for any skin imperfections. Therefore, wearing makeup can increase your beauty if worn correctly. However, before you add any makeup the first rule is to wear a primer. This will soften any lines, wrinkles or pores.  It is a smooth base for adding foundation to the skin. 

It is important that the correct makeup reflects the occasion. For example, bold glittery eye makeup can be perfect if you are a party escort and you have a booking for the bars or nightlife. But this makeup would be totally inappropriate for a dinner date. Eating at a restaurant requires more sophistication. Therefore, neutral tones and browns can make you look pretty without looking like a clown.  

Red lipstick makes a statement! It portrays passion and seduction. If you are wanting attention, then add some red lippie. It is really important that you use a red lip liner, so you don’t go over the edge of your lips. Don’t let it smudge onto your teeth. And certainly, don’t let it smudge onto your chin! You will go from sexy escort to female Gremlin in a second! Choose the correct shade of red for your skin colour and hair colour. There is a thin line between red lipstick looking amazing on an escort and a total disaster!  

Invest in a contour pallet to enhance your cheekbones and facial shape. If you have not been blessed with high cheek bones, then this is great advice to create an optical illusion. Highlight your best areas and use shadows to dehance your worst areas. Use the contour pallet, around the jaw line and hair line, to make your face into an oval shape.  The oval face is considered to be the most beautiful. Pull the duck face to make your cheekbones visible. Then contour a line, from the top of your ear, down your natural cheekbone, to the edge of your lips. Gently blend the line into the cheekbone, so it is not a visible solid line. Finish off the cheeks with some blusher. Now your makeup is looking perfect, you are ready to go and meet your client!